Nduka Otiono & E.C. Osondu (eds)

“Subject of the greatest controversy in Nigerian Literature” – The News magazine

“We-Men is clearly a worthwhile read” – Toyin Adewale, Founding Co-Ordinator, Women Writers of Nigeria, WRITA

“We-Men is a work of significance…provides a veritable platform for a more engaging discussion of the gender question and the centrality of literature to such discourse.” – The Guardian

This anthology presents a provocative tapestry of images of women in contemporary fiction by some of the most remarkable of the new generation of writers working in Nigeria today. Rich in stylistic devices, the stories deal with such eternal themes as love, death, sexual politics cum women liberation, marriage, childlessness, culture, fate, and betrayal. Shorn of any pretenses, this unique anthology embodies the new man’s perception of the female experience ranging from the unsung unlettered Nigerian woman, through the sophisticated ‘Beijing’-conscious feminist to the often-controversial spinster. A historic and central text in modern gender studies.

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